Adam Marfione


Adam Marfione

Programming is modern alchemy. I say the right words in just the right ways, and the very stones of the earth come alive, speaking wisdom and doing work! It’s magic in my eyes that I’ll pursue for life.

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Mixael Contreras CTO


Mixael Contreras

As a software engineer, I find my restless nights driven by the pursuit of transforming the improbable into reality. The relentless acquisition of knowledge to transcend existing boundaries and craft extraordinary experiences for the world is a privilege I hold in high esteem.

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Samuel Bonilla

I derive satisfaction from the initiation and cultivation of novel enterprises, where the introduction of innovative ideas is coupled with regular collaboration with new associates. I take pleasure in the exploration of progressive marketing methodologies, the formulation of revenue-generating strategies, and the achievement of established objectives.

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Systems Architect

Patrick Michael Baker

I've been fascinated with programming since I discovered computers have their own languages when I was 15.

"My areas of interest are programming languages, operating systems, numerical analysis and AI."

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